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Estate Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Sale FAQ's


Question:  What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale is essentially a tag sale involving an entire house including the basement and attic, garage, shed, and possessions.  It's a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate.  


Question:  What's your Service Area?

We proudly serve Chautauqua - Cattaraugus Counties, NY and Warren County, PA. 


Question:  Why Hire Us?

Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC is a full-time family owned and operated company.  Our first love is antiques.  We have an appreciation for quality and history.  We love rediscovering parts of our past and this passion spills over to our Estate Sales.   Due to our experience in working with antiques we can accurately identify what are considered valuable pieces and price them knowledgeably.  Most don't have the experience or an idea as to what items bring in a secondary market.  We are able to price your valuables so they are not over-priced or under-priced - bringing the highest return for your Estate Sale.  This isn't obtained by a simple Google search, this type of knowledge is gained from many years of conducting weekly Estate Sales to perfect this skill.


As a Professional Estate Sale Company we have the expertise in organizing, staging, and marketing your items to best maximize the value of your contents.  We bring all of our own supplies for setup and staging.  Hallenbeck Antiques is known for their amazing and helpful setup/sales teams.   


Question:  How Do I Get Ready for an Estate Sale?

First - Don't throw anything away! We have countless stories of customers that were horrified to find out the value of their items that were thrown away or given away before speaking with us.  Sorting and arranging is the responsibility of Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales.  Please leave the sorting to us. 


Second - Please remove or label all of the items that you do not wish to have included in the sale.


...And leave the rest of the work to us!


Question:  Does the Estate have any Requirements Prior to the Sale?

Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC is fully insured.  The Estate is required to have Homeowners Insurance, too.  The Estate is responsible for keeping the utilities on (gas, water, electric) during the set-up and duration of the sale.  The Estate is also responsible for disconnecting the gas/water for appliances to be sold. 


Question:  How Long Does it Take to Coordinate My Sale?

The average sale requires 2 weeks' worth of set-up time.  Followed by a 3-Day Estate Sale.  


Question:  How Many Days do you Hold an Estate Sale?

We run a 3-Day Estate Sale conducted on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.


Question:  How Do you Advertise My Sale?

Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales advertises our upcoming sales on our website and via our extensive Email List.  We are a Gold member of EstateSales.Net with a Regional and National outreach.  We also advertise in local newspapers and penny savers.  We post directional signage all 3 days of the sale to increase impulse drive-by-traffic.  Most importantly - word of mouth - we post our upcoming sales at our weekly sales and have a loyal customer base.   


Question:  Do you Clean After the Sale?

The Estate will be tidied and left in broom clean condition after the sale. 


Question:  How Soon am I Paid after the Sale?

A check will be mailed or ready for pickup at our store within 2 business days after the sale ends. 


Question:  What Happens to Items that Don't Sell?

We partner with local charitable organizations who will take away the remaining items and supply you with a charitable donation receipt for tax purposes. You have the option of choosing to keep the remaining items and dispose of them on your own. Each sale has a special set of circumstances, we can discuss alternate arrangements at the time of your consultation. 


Question:  What do you Charge?

We charge a commission fee on all Sold Items.  There's no hidden costs or up front money required to hire Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales, LLC. The cost of a dumpster(s) (if needed) and advertising will be discussed at the time of your free consultation. 


Question:  How Do I Arrange for Hallenbeck Antiques & Estate Sales to conduct my Estate Sale?

Give us a call at:  716-569-3449 or 716-969-5833 or Contact Us to schedule your free consultation.